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Save the Ocean. Save the Planet. Save us all.

Cleaning the Ocean and making energy, a Global project.

Our modified Oilplatforms will catch the plastic garbage in the Ocean and produce electricity, for all continents.
We will have modified Oilplatforms to catch the garbage. Burn the garbage onboard and use it for producing electricity. We will use a net, to get the garbage onboard. The garbage will be emptied into a chamber and then into an oven. The nets can have different mesh solutions. We will buy used Combined Cycle Power Plants to mount on the Oilplatforms for producing electricity. On the roof we will have used Solar Power Panels. A power cable to land will deliver electricity to houses and buildings. At low prices.

The project will clean the ocean for garbage and can deliver electricity to all continents.

It looks like the garbage is transported by the Ocean Currents. Another problem is that it is too many Oilplatforms, maybe about 800 Oilplatforms might be sent for demolition a year. So it should be possible to use some of them for this project. We can have them in the Ocean Currents and other places as well, for catching the plastic garbage.

It will be an impossible job to recycle all the plastic garbage otherwise, because of the salt water and that all is in various degrees of destruction. It will take far too much of manual labour work. It is also difficult to melt different types of plastic together, they will usually separate. As an alternative we might produce diesel, but it will be more complicated than producing electricity.

If we get rid of a lot of the plastic, maybe the temperature of the water will go down ? The plastic garbage might have an isolation effect on the Ocean. Then maybe, we will also reduce the temperature in the Air, as well ? Maybe the rising sea levels might be reduced, because of the mass of it ? It must be a lot of cubic meters of plastic garbage in the Ocean.

Maybe as much as 3 % of worlds plastic production might end up in the Ocean, every year ? That is more than 8 million tons, every year. So we will need your help in this very important project, please.

The plan is to buy some used Oilplatforms and modify them for the use. We will hire an experienced crew from Oil//Gas/Offshore/Energy to manage and run the project.

If you will like to join the project and has used Oilplatforms, Combined Cycle Power Plants, Power Cables to the Shore and for others that will like to be a part of this. Please use the contact form below. The project can ofcourse be used for commercials.


We might also use the nets and connect them to buoys, that floats on the sea. When the net is full it will be rolled up and sends a message from a GSM module, that the garbage can be collected. It can then be collected and taken to the shore. The plastic garbage might be used for remote heating, producing electricity, to produce fuel and for recycling what is possible.

The buoys with the nets, might go to the Shore by their own engines to get the garbage removed. Then they can go out on the Ocean again, where the engines can keep them in position. They can have high antennas with lights and GSM / GPS modules, so the ships traffic can see them, both visually and on the Maps.

We will really appreciate your help. It can benefit us all.

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Lavrentius Energy AS

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